The Next Best Thing to Being There.


What is Attigo?

Attigo is an unique language immersion service that brings 1-on-1 conversation with native speakers to foreign language students at your school. It gives your school the opportunity to offer many of the benefits of the study abroad experience: the opportunity for students to use learn in class with real people, the chance to get further explore the culture behind the language and immediate feedback when they say something wrong. Attigo provides additional benefits over study abroad including immediate correction when mistakes occur and the ability to integrate the immersion experience with their teacher's day to day curriculum.

Do schools buy Attigo for students or do students buy it themselves?

Your school can either buy Attigo for students or students can purchase Attigo through a partnership agreement with your school. Attigo partners with schools and is not available for purchase directly by students not enrolled in a partner school.

Who are Attigo Language Partners?

Attigo Language Partners are native speakers of their language who have gone through a stringent screening and training process. Attigo English Language Partners generally come from the United States and Canada while Attigo Chinese Language partners come from various locations throughout China.

What curriculum does Attigo use?

Attigo follows the teaching plan of your school's language teachers. Teachers have complete control over the instructions given to Attigo Language Partners and the material they review and practice with students.

How long is an Attigo Session?

Attigo Sessions are 25 or 55 minutes long and start on or half past past the hour. Attigo Sessions are scheduled in advance; there is a penalty for changing or canceling a session less than 48 hours before the session begins.

What's the origin of the name "Attigo"?

The name "Attigo" was inspired by the name of the founders' college bookstore.

I am in charge of my school's foreign language program or own a language school, how can I learn more about partnering with Attigo?

Email us at [email protected], and someone from the Attigo team will get in touch with you. Please indicate which country and city you are in so that we direct your email to the appropriate office.

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