Bring 1-on-1 conversation with native speakers to your school!

Attigo™ is a language immersion service that brings 1-on-1 conversation practice to your school's foreign language curriculum. Offer your students the benefit of study abroad without leaving home.

Case Studies

West Point

The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of the top leadership development institutions in the world. Notable alumni include 2 U.S. Presidents, 3 foreign heads of state, 18 astronauts and the founder of AOL.

West Point was the first educational institution to use Attigo™ where it was assigned to cadets studying Chinese. Several cadets continue to use Attigo™ after graduating purchasing the service to maintain their Chinese fluency while serving in the Army.

AIT Chinese Language and Area Studies School

The American Institute in Taiwan ("AIT") is a public corporation established by the U.S. Government to represent America's interests in Taiwan.

The U.S. Government purchased the Attigo service for use in the AIT Chinese Language and Area Studies School. The school trains State Department diplomats with the language skills and cultural knowledge they need serve to in posts in Greater China.

Hawken School

Founded in 1915, Hawken School is an elite private primary and secondary school located in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Hawken alumni include economist Arthur Betz Laffer, former Australian cabinet member & senator Nick Minchin and SNL cast member Molly Shannon.

Hawken purchased Attigo™ for its advanced Chinese language students who logged on several times a week to practice with their Attigo language partners. Hawken students went on to travel and study in China.

How to use Attigo™

  • Buy Attigo Credits

    • Your school signs up for Attigo.
    • Students buy Attigo credits directly from your school.
  • Student receives receipt

    • The digital and paper receipts have redemption instructions.
    • Receipt includes order number, credit amount and a code to verify the purchase.
  • Student logs in

    • Student creates an account on first login.
    • The student account is linked to your school.
  • Schedule a session

    • Students see available sessions in calendar format.
    • Schedule a session with one click.
  • Session begins

    • Student signs on for the scheduled immersion session.
    • The immersion session uses Attigo's custom built platform. No Skype or MSN needed.
    • At the end of each session, the student and partner rate each other.
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